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This summer, once a month, one lucky respondent will receive a giveaway after completing a survey and following Alleb Asor on Facebook or Instagram! The giveaways include the Alleb Asor tracee top, coffee shop gift cards, massage certificates, and more to be announced. All of these giveaways are locally sourced and/ or women owned business!

As a professional women, what are your most common fit issues? What are your go-to garments in your wardrobe? Give us your best answers by taking the 10 minute survey.

We will use this feedback to make improvements to our garments and overall digital service!

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Isabella Galvao
Alleb Asor

Alleb Asor is a women’s apparel brand and an image consulting service.  We hope that each woman meets their industry’s dress code with an authentic look and professional style inspiring professional and assertive.


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Isabella Galvao