Crowdfunding Campaign 2018


Dear visitor,

Alleb Asor is a Social Startup that looks to contribute to women playing leadership roles in the social and work spheres, with apparel that helps them improve their professional imprint and through image consulting services.

I am raising money to transform this idea into a reality in 2018. I’m trying to make it to $10,000 by January 31, 2018. Even a small donation would help me reach my goal.

You can make a donation on my crowdfunding campaign page by clicking here Feel free to share my campaign on Facebook and Twitter, too!

I plan to use the money to produce a collection for 2018 and to improve our digital service (website and mobile) that will allow Alleb Asor to offer customization of the collection by demand and provide access to knowledge, tips, and information that helps women  improve their confidence in consistency with the leader that they are.

Alleb Asor believes in the leadership capabilities of women. We understand the challenges that women face in diverse social and professional settings resulting from gender inequality. Alleb Asor wants to contribute to increasing the confidence and consistency as leaders, with apparel that helps them to improve their professional imprint.

We hope that each woman meets their industry’s dress code with an authentic look and professional style inspiring professional and assertive. With your help, Alleb Asor will be a reality making a big impact in the daily activities of Boston professional women between 25 and 45 years old; helping them achieve their careers goals.

Alleb Asor is a women’s apparel brand and an image consulting service. We want to provide access to women to knowledge, experiences, and tips on how to improve their professional imprint.